Nashville hosts a number of very cool Independence Day events.  Of course the downtown Nashville fireworks are a huge deal.  It’s a huge day long music festival accompanied with family fun events and the fireworks over the pedestrian bridge, over Cumberland River.  If you’re heading down there for the fireworks, or for any part of the day really, and want to end up on foot, your best bet is to take the Music City Star.  Take a look at the schedules so you don’t get stuck riding in a 4x more expensive Uber ride home.  But if you’re looking to check out those fireworks from another location, or want to know where else you can take the pontoon out, we’ve got a few of the local favorite spots to share.

Nashville Shores Marina – Percy Priest Lake

After you get your BBQ at Papa Turney’s, swing upstream a bit to check out the fireworks display from Nashville Shores.  The show starts at dusk (approximately 8:30pm).  They have regular fireworks displays, so they have their show down to a system.  For the best views, you may want to get yourself a day pass and head in, but you’ll be able to float upstream to a nearby location and see the works on display.

Old Hickory Lake – Blue Turtle Bay Marina and Creekwood Marina

From Old Hickory Lake (near Sam’s, and really anywhere around the bend going through the Old Hickory Dam where the Cumberland River feed downtown) you can see both the Downtown fireworks mentioned above, and the Hendersonville show can be seen out there as well, if you say on the Hendersonville side of Sam’s and Blue Turtle Bay.  Those fireworks launch from Drakes Creek Park, which is north of Creekwood Marina.

Paris Landing State Park – Eagle Nest Marina

Paris Landing has a pretty great annual fireworks display if you’re going to be setting out near Big Sandy.  They have music activities and food vendors around the amphitheater from 2-11PM.  Near Eagle Nest marina, head north toward Paris Landing, and you’ll find the festivities, just look for the signs, and people in red, white and blue.

Pickwick Landing,  State Park and Dam

Pickwick will have a fireworks display from 9-10PM.  Enjoy the park all day swimming, picnicking, there will be party jumpers, volleyball, boating, disc golf, hiking and all the things Pickwick has to offer.  Food and craft vendors will be onsite for the festivities.  Tune in live with WKWX 7-9pm prior to the patriotic music fireworks show.  They really go all out.